Welcome to Yoga Compass

Yoga Compass is a welcoming community designed to help anyone seeking to improve and maintain their well being. We celebrate the human body in all its forms and endeavour to create the opportunity to connect with self, move your body in a way that feels amazing and explore all of the incredible benefits that yoga offers.

Whether it is classes in studio, utilising our yoga at work programs, private lessons or online, we, at Yoga Compass, are excited to guide and encourage all who come.

"Yoga is a method of aligning the geometry of the self to the geometry of the cosmos"

~ Maureen Lockhart

Yoga Compass aims to create a welcoming and safe experience. The practice of Yoga asana and philosophy brings awareness, health and self transcendence. In our classes we challenge the mind's busy processes using breath and movement. We seek to find the present and practice self love.

We are keen to help anyone find the joy and inner peace that yoga can bring.